BIP J臋zyk polski J臋zyk angielski
  1. The firm under which the Company’s business is carried on is called: Morska Stocznia Remontowa „Gryfia” Spó艂ka Akcyjna.
  2. The Company is allowed to use the abbreviation of the Firm: Morska Stocznia Remontowa „Gryfia” S.A.
  3. When dealing with overseas customers, the Company may additionally use the Firm’s name translated into foreign languages.
  4. The Company has its seat in the town of Szczecin.
  5. The Company was created as a result of the commercialisation of the state-run business called Szczeci艅ska Stocznia Remontowa „Gryfia”; next, it was merged, under legal process, art. 492, § 1, item 1 of the Code of Commercial Companies, with the Company of Morska Stocznia Remontowa Spó艂ka Akcyjna (thereafter referred to as: “MSR”) by transferring to the Company all the assets of MSR (thereafter referred to as “The Merger”).
  6. Applied to the Company are the regulations of the law dated 30.08.1996 on commercialisation and privatisation (Law Gazette dated 2002 No.171, item 1397, as amended), the law dated 7.10.1999 on supporting the restructurisation of the defense industry and technical upgrading of Armed Forces of the Republic of Paland (Law Gazette No.83, item 932, as amended), the law dated 15.09. 2000 – The Code of Commercial Companies (Law Gazette No.94, item 1037, as amended).
  7. The Company has been created to operate until further notice.