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The Yard is oriented towards efficient functioning of the company for the benefit of customers and crew. The Integrated Management System’ policy, which is in force at the yard, constitutes a set of intentions and activities regarding quality, occupational health and safety and environmental protection.

Our goal is to be a success as a supplier and consolidate our position as a reliable and preferred partner at home and abroad. To achieve the goal within this scope, we are striving to constantly improve technologies, infrastructure and competence of the staff. We carefully watch the trends of the market development and adjust our packet of services according to them, improve comfort, conditions and work safety for crew and subcontractors, build a stable, well-motivated, competent team of employees prepared to improve their occupational qualifications and take up new, difficult challenges.

Full success will be achieved and assumptions of this policy will be satisfied only if all employees put all their efforts. That is why, each employee and subcontractor is obliged to absolutely abide by the aforementioned provisions. Quality of services provided by us is confirmed by granted certificates.